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Obviously, the game task network has more profit margins, but from the mouths of some webmasters, it is known that such sites have a higher starting point, and they want to operate well, have high costs, and have good negotiation skills to receive games. . The website owners of Advertising Task Network mainly earn a commission of 40% of the task (some of which are given to the promoters). By the way, they earn advertising fees. Promotion is also a big problem, but the starting point is not high. With a little development, you can almost go online, which is why we saw a lot of advertising tasks online every day last year. Of course, the result of more on-line is more bankruptcy. Not many really persisted.

Participating in offline traditional surveys usually has some small gifts as rewards, while online surveys are limited to online surveys. The survey samples are recruited through the network, and the system automatically screens suitable people for distribution of the questionnaire. Successful participation can obtain the corresponding Cash or gift rewards.

After finding the right product, click Promote immediately. If you have not set the resource position, you need to click Set, set the resource position, 4 resource positions select shopping guide promotion, add shopping guide promotion, complete the information as shown in the figure, and click immediately after completing the above steps Promotion, the following page pops up, you can select the corresponding location according to the resource location name, fill in the promotion location name, click OK and the following page indicates that the setting is successful, copy the link to enter the purchase page, or enter the Taoke exclusive red envelope to receive the red envelope purchase, you must pass The product link enters the successful purchase before it is a valid Taoke purchase. After the transaction is successful, the system automatically settles the commission to the Taoke account according to the commission ratio. This link can also be used for promotion, and the income is also owned by Taoke.

As long as you have access to the Internet when you are at work, and you are willing to use your mind, then doing Witkey tasks is easy. First of all, you have to choose a formal, large-scale freelance website. After registering as a member, you can receive tasks according to your field of expertise. Xiaoqi has also played before, and I feel that there are a lot of things in it to help children name names, help store names and design logos. Although I have never won the bid, the overall operation does not feel complicated, and it is basically based on creativity. The price of the reward also varies, ranging from tens to thousands. If it can be selected, it is definitely a great reward

In fact, my behavior is quite naive, but this is a normal phenomenon before us. On the Internet, if others copy your articles, you have no way to hold it accountable. Why? Because you are an ant, ants still want to have copyright? So, I really have to look a little bit more open.

The stall economy refers to an economic form formed by obtaining income sources through stalls. The stall economy is a kind of fringe economy in the city. It has always been unable to enter the house arrogantly due to the impact on the city appearance and environment. However, the stall economy has its unique advantages and eases employment pressure to a certain extent under the background of the financial crisis.